About Us



Welcome to Mrs Woods & Co!

My name is Lisa Woods, I am the founder and head designer at Mrs Woods & Co.  I started my little business venture back in 2014 with a very simple vision – to design and create bespoke, delicious cakes and desserts that are as unique as my beautiful clients.

So, Who is Mrs Woods, you ask?

A self-confessed foodie and self-taught baker, I have always been a creative soul and feel at my happiest when I am in the kitchen – making, baking and creating.

I am a wife and mummy to four gorgeous girls and I adore my family. It was when I became a mum for the first time, way back in the year 2000, my love for cooking, baking and kitchen time grew. I particularly discovered a love of entertaining – the menu planning, decorating, cooking, spending great time and making memories with family and friends – it’s what it’s all about!

Over the years (and with loads of Pinterest inspiration) my love of baking and designing and styling cakes and desserts grew and by 2014, with the love and support of many, many fabulous friends and family I plucked up the courage to start my own little business. Mrs Woods & Co came to be out of love and joy and has been evolving and growing ever since with so many of my clients becoming friends for life.

Its a Family Affair.

My love of baking and creative kitchen time is certainly passing through to my girls, which I love! From my eldest daughter Maddie often being my partner in crime in the kitchen whilst we bake the night away, to my two middle daughters Jemma and Ally helping to pop cookies in bags and boxes to my youngest daughter, Isabelle, popping stickers on the cake boxes. And, my goodness, there have also been many time even hubby has done a late-night or early morning run to the store for me to gather some last-minute ingredients!

I simply love that my family are all a part of it – that they are not only supported and helped me to create my dream, but we are making it grow together.

What Does Mrs Woods & Co Actually Do?

  • Using the freshest and finest ingredients, Mrs Woods & Co specialises in unique, made to order special occasion buttercream cakes and cupcakes as well as personalised cookies and bespoke meringues.
  • We can design tailor made edible images for any occasion.

Its all about you, dont you know.

Celebrations are such wonderful things – a time to spend with family and friends, to laugh, love and enjoy – beautiful surroundings, fabulous food, creating memories. I love getting to know my clients, and collaborating with them to make their celebration visions become a reality.

I hope you find inspiration and happiness throughout the pages of our website, I know I do. Be sure to pop us in your favourites and like us on Facebook and Instagram and most importantly, feel free to drop me a line anytime to discuss your next event,

Much love,

Lisa x